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    1oz Essential Oil Blue Medical Boston Glass Tincture Dropper Bottles

    Boston Bottle Wholesale can be used for Herbal Extract essential oils, perfumes, beard oil, and other liquids. Great for DIY projects, small businesses and travel needs. 1-ounce liquid capacity Amber glass colour Leak-Proof Covers UV protection from harmful rays Strong Beautiful Glass tincture bottles with dropper Perfect for DIY cosmetics and essential oil Dealing with spilling your stored oils or liquids doesn't have to be a worry any longer.  Use a 1 oz. cobalt blue Boston round glass bottle with child resistant black glass dropper to safely store liquid extracts, essential oils and massage oil etc. Just as storing, retrieval of liquids is quite easy by means of the glass dropper included.  The cobalt glass is designed to protect the bottles contents from the effects of UV light.  The glass is also durable enough to help prevent shattering if dropped.

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    Mason Jars 32oz Canning With Metal Lids Jam Glass Mason Jar with Wide Mouth Jar

    Mason Jars 12 oz With Regular Lids and Bands, Ideal for Jam, Honey, Wedding Favors, Shower Favors, DIY Spice Jars

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    PET Packaging Cream Bottle Cosmetic Empty Plastic Containers with Lids Round Child Proof Cap

    Product Display Details Images Lids Size Product introduction PET jars that are ideal to save your products and keep it fresh. Our container are so airtight, that the cap makes available POP when opened! Features: Airtight, water resistant, and smell proof. These holders will float until you decide to rescue them.they won’t melt under normal conditions. They’re discreet and stylish, durable and long lasting. The surface of PET jars is smooth and glossy. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties over a wide temperature range,with a usage temperature of up to 120 ℃. Its electrical insulation is excellent, and even at high temperatures and frequencies,its electrical performance is still good. However, it has poor corona resistance, creep resistance, fatigue resistance, friction resistance, and dimensional stability. A Child Resistant Plastic jar is a classic way to package your products to keep it fresh and compliant. This low cost option is incredibly versatile. Whatever size y...

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    5ml 9ml make up concentrate eco friendly cosmetic glass jar with cr lid

    Made of the highest-quality premium glass, our 5ml glass cosmetic jar also comes with a child-resistant square cap. It's perfect for any variety of premium concentrates, waxes, or oils. Finished with their smooth, sleek black child-resistant caps, concentrate glass jar never fail to impress. With a simple but sophisticated design, these concentrate jars become an easy choice to feature any logo, improving your brand awareness tenfold. Set yourself apart from the crowd with concentrate jars that truly look the part. marijuana420packaging works hard to manufacture their glass with the highest-quality, food-grade glass on the market. This ensures the utmost in safety and freshness for your concentrate inside. The concentrate capacity guide is as follows: 5-7mL can fit up to 1g 9mL can fit 1-2g 15mL can fit 2-4g

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Dozens of weed products recalled due to toxic mold linked to lung infections

Dozens of cannabis products in the US have been recalled, including buds and pre rolls, after a dangerous mold that causes lung infections was found.

According to a report by California’s Department of Cannabis Control (DCC), the items may contain aspergillus, a fungus that develops on plants that are improperly dried or kept.

Inhaling aspergillus can result in a variety of health problems, such as bloody coughing fits, asthma attacks, migraines, weight loss, and in severe situations, even death.

In addition to the brain, kidney, and other organs, pulmonary aspergilloma can also affect these areas. The treatment options for this condition include embolization, which involves inserting a needle to stop blood flow, or surgery to remove the infection.

In all, 13 products were subject to mandatory recalls by law, one of which being Northern Emerald’s Tyson Undisputed Cannabis Flower, a product endorsed by boxer Mike Tyson.

The Gelato Orangeade hybrid cannabis flower and 12 additional products between February 21 and May 17 were the subject of a first DCC recall in January due to the possibility of aspergillus. The JC Rad Flower, the UpNorth 3.5 gram flower, and the LAX Packs Premium Flower were among the other cannabis items that were impacted.

Toxic mold typically thrives on decomposing plants, dried grains, and marijuana leaves in environments with constant temperatures about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Aspergillus spores can colonize in the lungs through inhalation, resulting in the creation of a fungal ball known as pulmonary aspergilloma.

The mandatory recall indicates that there is a considerable health risk for consumers, even though the DCC has not reported any serious health complaints relating to the impacted cannabis products.

Customers who bought or used the items are encouraged to check the UID on the package to see if it was included in the recall and to contact their doctor right away if they develop any negative reactions or symptoms.

The DCC advised customers to dispose of the recalled products themselves or return it to the shop for appropriate disposal.

Less than a year ago, the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission recalled cannabis flowers after tests revealed the presence of aspergillus and heavy metals like mercury and cadmium.

They were discovered in June of last year, during a regular inventory audit in Oregon’s cannabis monitoring system. According to the agency’s findings, between January and June of 2023, 75 distinct marijuana merchants purchased the impacted products.

Currently, 24 US states permit the sale of marijuana for recreational use, while 38 states permit its medical usage.

The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) declared earlier this week that it would “reclassify marijuana as a Schedule III drug, placing it in the same class as codeine, ketamine, and anabolic steroids with Tylenol.”
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