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What is child-resistant packaging? (also known as “CRP”)

What is child-resistant packaging? (also known as “CRP”)

CRP packaging must be certified in accordance with a federal statute known as the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA, 16 CFR 1700.1)
For bottles, the lid must be a “pry-off” metal crown bottle cap (similar to older generation coca cola bottles or glass beer bottle caps)
Plastic Packaging must be at least 4 mils. thick and sealed with heat. Packaging must not contain easy-open tabs, dimples, corners or flaps.

There are two types of CRP:

Single-use CRP. Single-use CRP is also known as initial CRP. Initial CRP means that your product can be used multiple times, but once it is opened, the item packaging is ripped, torn, or easy to open (and it is intended to be used multiple times). On its first use, the package is child-resistant, but on subsequent usage, it is no longer considered child-resistant. If your item can be used multiple times, the packages label must state “this package is not child-resistant after opening”

Lifetime CRP. Multiple-use CRP means that your package is child-resistant upon opening it for the first time and it remains child-resistant throughout its use. No matter how many times it is opened, it always remains child resistant.

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