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Top Five Packaging Trends for Cannabis

Cannabis packaging is becoming a significant subject as the marijuana industry gains traction and global attention. With support for cannabis hitting new levels, the number of marijuana companies and consumers is expected to rise. For this reason, the future of designer weed packaging holds a great deal of excitement for consumers and packaging companies alike.

Market reports predict that the global cannabis market value will reach $1.6 billion by 2024. Hence, cannabis brands must prepare for the supply challenges imminent with this exponential growth. Moreover, cannabis packaging companies should also brace themselves for the changing regulations within the industry.

As with any other industry, various novel trends are also expected to crop up as the sector advances. Therefore, marijuana firms need to keep up with cannabis packaging trends to ensure they remain ahead of the curve and stay afloat in the competitive market.

Furthermore, since the best cannabis brands are the most likely to benefit from the new changes, small integrated cannabis producers must fight to keep up with the changes. Keeping yourself abreast with the most prevalent cannabis packaging trends can help you position yourself for the growing industry.

The Top Five Trends For Cannabis Branding
Change is the only constant thing. This adage is especially true for the cannabis branding industry since it faces regular policy changes.

Consequently, entrepreneurs must keep up with the latest cannabis packaging trends to ensure they don’t break the law while luring consumers to their products. The following are the top five trends for cannabis branding that can help bring substantial changes to your business and position it for success.

Sustainable Packaging
Climate change is a global problem that continues to raise concerns. Radical solutions need to be adopted to tackle the problem head-on. A sustainable weed package design is arguably the most proactive measure to reduce the carbon footprint of the marijuana sector.

It’s crucial to consider the type of cannabis packaging design acceptable in the market since the industry is becoming immensely lucrative.

Hence, creating cannabis dispensary branding that markets biodegradable packaging and sustainable business practices is a significant step in the right direction. Business owners can utilize a recycling marijuana logo design to indicate that their packaging products are free of harmful chemicals.

Customizable Packaging
Customizable packaging is also among the cannabis packaging trends that will take over the industry soon. Custom packaging items make products stand out on shelves, increasing the chances of sales. This is why many cannabis entrepreneurs are sourcing beautiful cannabis packaging unique to their brand to ensure they make as many sales as possible.

Custom weed jars are some of the most customizable packaging items for marijuana dispensaries. The products can accommodate a variety of cannabis packaging design, which makes them versatile. You can match them up with custom labels for jars to make your brand even more spectacular and unique.

Marijuana producers can also use custom cones when making joints for cannabis stores and dispensaries. Apart from giving your products a premium look, the custom weed package design also makes them stand out. You can easily use the beautiful cannabis packaging designs to convey various messages to your clients.

Compliance Packaging
Lawmakers have already legalized marijuana in more than half of the states in America. Consequently, the best cannabis brands are sourcing custom concentrate packaging and other compliant packaging solutions to ensure they remain relevant.

Child-resistant packaging products like custom mylar bags are perhaps the most sought-after compliant packaging goods in the market. Given that cannabis regulations are subject to regular changes, entrepreneurs within the industry must get a cannabis packaging design that eliminates the need to re-envision their packaging.

Fortunately, most of the regulations surrounding marijuana packaging are rules meant to protect the safety of children. Hence, it’s best to purchase bulk child-resistant items like custom pre-roll packaging to avoid overhauls in their cannabis dispensary branding and packaging.

Minimalistic Packaging
There’s no denying that the modern consumer market is filled with advertisements and marketing campaigns. Previously, brands competed for consumer attention using flashy logos and bold colors. However, such cannabis branding may cause more harm than good to a business since consumers feel overwhelmed by the packaging.

Alternatively, business owners can use a minimalistic weed package design to ensure they don’t swamp their clients. Achieving this requires companies to strip down to the essential elements and avoid clutter. The goal of this cannabis branding technique is simplicity and functionality without any unnecessary embellishments and decorations.

Apart from achieving a more refined and fresh look, weeding out unnecessary elements in your cannabis packaging can help reduce the number of materials required. What’s more, you can achieve all this without compromising the quality of your goods.

Bold New Designs
Although many cannabis companies are leaning towards minimalistic cannabis packaging trends, innovation is not dead within the sector. Marijuana brands can use a mix of bold and contemporary ideas to produce excellent new packaging designs.

Given that the number of marijuana consumers is on the rise, other forms of consuming cannabis are becoming more popular by the day. Cannabis-infused edibles like cookies and sweets are among the most suitable alternative way to enjoy cannabis for many people. Therefore, cannabis producers must adopt bold new designs for custom edible packaging to keep their products fresh.

For this reason, weed brands are coming up with ingenious designer weed packaging solutions to accommodate these products. Marijuana firms must select befitting packaging products to help retain the potency and shape of the edibles. This has led to the rise of bold new concepts within the cannabis industry.

These innovative packaging products are the best solutions for cannabis edibles, from tin containers to custom mylar bags. Not only do they prevent the edibles from losing their taste, potency, or shape, but they also help increase the longevity of the goods on shelves.
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