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The Strongest CBD Allowed by Law


With Cornbread Hemp’s newly released Extra Strength USDA Organic CBD Oils, the day has finally arrived! These Kentucky-grown full-spectrum CBD oils are the most potent cannabis products ever to be certified organic by the USDA, and they contain the highest concentration of THC allowed by federal law.

Everybody wants clean cannabis, but it’s hard to know if the products at your dispensary are truly free of contamination, and whether they are grown sustainably. It would be ideal if full-strength cannabis had access to the USDA organic seal, like the produce section of your favorite grocery store. But these days, only hemp-derived cannabinoids are eligible for USDA organic certification.

nyone familiar with CBD oils knows that you can judge the quality of the extract from the taste. Cornbread Hemp’s organic CBD oils are some of the best tasting all-natural CBD tinctures on the market, with nearly 450 customer reviews as proof. Cornbread Hemp never adds cover flavors to their CBD oils because there’s nothing to hide. They use organic sugarcane ethanol in a flower-only extraction process to create a final product that tastes floral and smooth, never grassy and bitter.

Cornbread Hemp’s extra strength USDA certified organic Whole Plant CBD oil offers something you can’t find in any dispensary — the USDA organic seal.

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