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One-Stop-Shop for Everything Cannabis&Weed Packaging


One-Stop-Shop For Everything Weed Packaging

Cannasupplies offers an extensive array of facility supplies. From protective apparel to laboratory equipment and storage, we’ve got you covered; all you’ll need is cannabis. We are pleased to offer a full catalogue of facility supplies, available online on our website, or contact us to request your copy!


Let’s start from the beginning. The first thing you’ll need is proper apparel. Before entering a Cannabis grow facility it is important to prevent contamination of the facility by bacteria, fungus, and mold by changing into sterile clothing in a gowning room. Utilizing clothing such as face masks, hair nets, gloves, and coveralls help to protect a facility, and maintain a controlled environment. Check out our protective apparel here.


Fast and accurate weighing is a major factor in ensuring a high quality product. We have solutions to help you maximize profit and efficiency. Check out our weighing solutions here.


In a temperature controlled room plants are either hung by their stems or trimmed and placed to dry on trays. Humidity, temperature, and cleanliness are essential to creating a quality product. Here is where there can be a high risk of contamination due to improper cleaning of handling materials, and high levels of moisture. Check out our drying solutions here.


Workers skillfully trim dried buds to have an aesthetically pleasing look while also creating a more potent & easy smoking product, ultimately increasing the value of the cannabis. Trimming is one of the most demanding jobs in the cannabis industry and creating an ergonomic solution for trimmers is what we set out to do. Effective and efficient, our trimming solutions help increase the productivity of your trimmers while increasing your production. Check them out here.


Securing final product during the curing process or securely storing cannabis that is ready to be sold is important in any operation. High value products are often the target of pilferage, and protecting your crop is important. Protecting high value product is what our security cages were designed to do. Not are they protected, but you can SEE they are protected. 

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