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How much do you know about a glass filter tips?

For something seemingly easy to use, why are there so many brands out there, and what’s the difference? There are many brands in this competitive e-commerce and smoke industry where sellers seem to only care about copying trending products that guarantee a profit.
Now, before you go out to buy a random pack, it’s important you get the right ones and the best quality, because like any bong, rig, or pipe, the experience is only as good as what you smoke out of.

Using our glass tip is a simple process. You can use it on pre-rolled cones, blunts, joints, and cigarettes without filters.

To use with pre-rolls or a regular hand roll, you simply place your joint inside the glass tip Unlike the other tiny, single-use style rolling tips or paper filters, no special handling or rolling skills are required with our innovative designs. It’s important to make sure your joint has a snug fit to prevent any smoke leakage so you get the full hit with every puff you take.

When you want to smoke a bigger roll, you can alternatively roll your glass tip inside the paper or choose from our various larger filter sizes. It’s especially easy to use with larger blunts as a glass blunt tip or in application with creative rolling too.

The filter lips are made of glass, they’re reusable & easy to clean.
What's more, customized logo printing is available. If you need, we can send you samples for your reference.
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