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2022 New Year, New Regulations updated on Cannabis industry in USA and Canada

A time of celebrating, putting behind the old and embracing the new. But for those of us in the cannabis industry, each January 1 usually means a heap of new regulations go into effect that will leave our collective heads spinning.And this year, there are indeed some new regulations that operators need to adhere to, but fortunately, they are not too challenging.

2022 Cannabis Regulation Law

For brands in California, there is a change that now requires the inner container of a cannabis product (like jars of flower inside a box) to be labelled with the universal symbol. This can be easily accomplished through adding a sticker. This change does not apply to manufactured cannabis products, which already has that same requirement.
There are also some new rules about cannabis beverage packaging, which you can read about on our website.
Michigan hasn’t made significant changes to the rules, but the state announced that beginning in February they will begin conducting investigations into packaging that fails to comply with regulations. This comes in the wake of reports indicating a rise in the number of cases of children ingesting marijuana products. Violations could lead to significant fines, so make sure your packaging is compliant.

Nevada has now shifted responsibility for packaging regulations to the Cannabis Control Board, so we expect to see some changes coming. Nevada has some of the strictest and most extensive cannabis regulations in the country. And with authorities going on record stating they plan a new crackdown on the illicit market, expect to see stepped up enforcement of packaging compliance.

2022 Cannabis Regulation Law

There are a few other changes to packaging regulations, which you can find on our website. As always, if you ever have any questions about your packaging, or would like to discover how new packaging can help elevate your brand, please give us a call... We would love to talk to you!

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